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As for studies on the health issues with both neutered and intact animals, you might want to search the archives. Several articles and studies have been linked to in relatively recent threads, including discussions on vasectomy and ovary sparing spays as alternative to castration and ovariohysterectomy.

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We haven't done any actual training yet, but she says the content of the classes is up to us. All I really want from it is to get Ruckus to stop jumping on every person he meets. (There's nothing that compares to an excited border collie lol AIRBORNE!) I'd like him to walk nicely on a leash. He does so well when no one is looking! And I want a solid recall when he's off the leash. He does ok most of the time, but occasionally he thinks whatever he's doing is more interesting (usually involving something that smells good or watching our chickens in the coop). I'd love to be able to call him and have him stop everything and run straight to me every single time.

As far as neutering goes, I'm not changing my mind. I can still see Ruckus growing in the time he's been with us. He's never purposely urinated in the house, ever. He's only had one accident and that was because the Blue was in extreme disagreement with his digestion. That's hardly his fault. He's never made an aggressive move toward another dog, even when it was making aggressive moves toward him. Once we hit 18-24 months, we'll reevaluate.

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