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I have a border collie that has been living with my parents for the last three years and I want to train her either in herding or agility but I really don't know where to start. I live in the Towson, MD area and any sugestions would be appreciated. She is a great dog and learns really fast so I think she will do well.


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I am not at all experienced with Herding but me and my BC have been through, and are still going through, Agility training. It's so much fun!! ^_~ you will love it, for sure. First things first, does this girl have solid basic Obedience skills? She should be able to down, stay, wait, leave it, have a very solid recall and she needs to be at least tolerant of other dogs/people. If she does have all of this down (if not, she will need to go to a few weeks of group obedience classes), just search Google for Agility clubs in Towson MD. You will need to start off in Beginning Agility, which introduces you and your dog to the equiptment, contacts, hand signals, etc. Then you'll advance up until you're ready to compete

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Matt, here are some things to check out going on in Maryland over the next couple of months.

(1). May 18 & 19th and May 20,21, & 22 (a 2 day clinic and a 3 day clinic)Bright Water Herding Clinic, in Havre de Grace, Md., with Kathy Knox, you can go as an observer to learn and make contacts (which is what I am doing)or you can participate: email Paxtonhil@aol.com for info

(2). May 7&8 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

Howard County Farigrounds, West Friendship, Maryland (www.sheepandwool.org) for info.

Let me know through the boards, and I will send you a list of some books that were recommended to me on herding.

Good luck

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