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I am looking for an experienced BC handler to help me with the training of my BC boy in agility, flyball or herding. I am in particular looking for someone who would like a new competitive sports dog, but for whatever reason can not take on the ownership of a new dog.


I am not looking to pay a trainer, but I am willing to pay class fees, etc. If anyone is interested, please email me privately. I live in southcentral Kansas.

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My apologies for being incredibly nosy but why do you want someone else to train and compete with your dog? People do do this but it costs money - both training, board (if any), and entry fees as you've mentioned.


I'm not sure how common it is in the sport world but you see it every so often in stockdogs when novice handlers end up with really talented dogs and let their trainers "campaign" them. That's because stockdog trialing is more about selecting breeding stock than the competition per se and who handles a good dog is irrelevant as long as it's being appropriately trained and tested before breeding.

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The reason I am looking for someone is to better fulfill my boy's life and help me gain more control so we can in the future work together in various venues.


I rescued my BC a year ago and have been training him as my mobility service dog (I use a power wheelchair). He is doing very well in this, but he does need way more activity.


I decided to train in agility with him, however, in this type of (high energy situation) I am extremely at a disadvantage in getting him to fully engage and focus on me. My thoughts are........"If I could find someone willing to train him (harness his herding instincts so they were in control), that possibly I could get him to engage with me more readily.


I am currently training with one of my other dogs (not a BC) in agility so I can learn the ropes with a less "driven" dog. We are having a blast together, and I REALLY want to share this with my BC boy too.


My current plan is backyard agility (taking what I learn from classes with my other dog) and wait for another year of maturity.....LOL.


However, I am impatient and thought...."If I could just find someone willing to help us out I know he would excel!"



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It would help if you let people know where you are. I know there are some dogs that are considered borrowed dogs in flyball and probably in some other activities.


At first I did have the same question as Becca but being in a wheelchair you do have a slight disadvantage and I think it is great that you are trying to do right by your dog.


You would probably have better luck trying to find a handler if you found a team or club for agility or flyball in your area that you could ask. I am sure given the circumstances they would try to help any way they can.


Good Luck,

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RPool0203, I would recomend you train your dog its about your relationship.

I am old fat and not the best trainer but the dogs and I have a awsome relation ship . They dont care about being the best ,they just whant to be with me. Lol Enjoy your dogs.

Bob h Tri and the 3 girls

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You can try looking at www.cleanrun.com - go to agility info center, then agility clubs and schools. There are a lot of listing for KS. Also you could try joining and posting to the agiledogs list (you can get info on joining also on the clean run website, agility info center, useful links. There's a person here in the northeast who does agility with her dogs from a wheelchair and she does well! Good luck - if you were near me I'd offer to help!


I agree with Bob that your relationship with your dog is important but regardless of who is training your dog you can still have just as good a relationship. Maybe you just need a good instructor to work with you and your dog - not someone else to train him/her?



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