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My young dog and I are just starting to enter novice trials, I have noticed that many trails, though the actual posted entry date may be a ways off, toften post that they will accept early entries. Do most trials take early entries and do most fill up fast? If I waited to send an entry on the actual date, do I reduce my chances of getting in the trial?


I know this is a very silly thing to worry about. I use to do agility with my older dog and entries were never excepted early, but trials always filled up, so just wondering.

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If early entries are accepted, that usually means that they are given the same consideration as those postmarked the day that entries open. Some trials will not accept entries postmarked before the opening date. All entries postmarked the same date should be considered equally. If there is an open entry period, all entries postmarked within that period should be considered equally.


I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

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Yes, early entries, if accepted, are counted as being received on opening day (postmarked date). In some regions trials are more than full on opening day. So, even if you get your entry in on time, you may not get into the trial if your name does not get picked in the lottery.


IOW, send your entry in as soon as you can, but if you forgot it never hurts to ask the trial host if there is space left.

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