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Stubborn Giardia..Liquid Panacur dose..please help!!

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IMO. Once the probiotic bacteria have colonised the gut, they should be 'self-sustaining,'


I gave my dog probiotics for about 3 months. (After my dog's treatment for Guardia, it took about 2 months before I saw a very good improvement in her condition- weight gain, good glossy coat). I have currently stopped them. But, if in the future, my dog needs antibiotics for any reason (not just gut problems) then I intend to restart the probiotics for a while.



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Probiotics can be killed or unbalanced by lots of things. Antibiotics being the most obvious, but also nervous diarrhea, overheating from work, or anything that raises the body temp, staying on the same food long term, eating something bad, many sicknesses. I just give my dogs a single dose once a week or so to repopulate the gut. I look for a probiotic that has as many strains as possible and I change up brands(in case one brand doesn't really have as many CFUs as they are saying they do). I'll even use human probiotics and kefir.

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Going to give her a 3 day treatment of Panacur every month to try and prevent re infection.

Just wondering, but Has this regieme been recommended by your vet?

The risk of giving repeated short duration treatments with a single drug is that the infectious agent develops resistance to the treatment. I don't l know if this is the case for Panacuir and giardia, but personally I would seek expert advice before doing this.



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I'm not 100% sure where the initial infection came from but my guess is the grounds of my complex. I notice a lot of diarrhea around and people don't pick up after their dogs. Some people use Panacur as a regular wormer so I'm not thinking it is going to be an issue..I hate having to see her get sick every couple of months and then bring her in for 10 days of metronidazole..dr has no idea why for sure she keeps getting sick if it is re infection, not totally out of her system or some sort of colitis reaction post infection...so I did some research and supposedly panacur is safe to give not only for active infection but as preventative. If anyone knows differently then feel free to correct me. Just trying to help my poor girl.

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