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Well, Tio seems to be doing well so we decided to commit to another pup after we got a call from a breeder we contacted last Spring who had a litter on November 3rd. We're calling him "Juno" and he is a very feisty little blue and white. Other than some squirty poop right now which I'm thinking might be from stress (but ready to take him to the vet at any moment) he's doing well.

He's had one set of shots and while he's house bound I am a mildly concerned about Parvo risk with Tio being out and about in the world and bringing something in the house. I'd imagine the risk is low as most if not all dogs in this area have their shots as Tio has had of course.

Tio loves the little guy and I would like to let them interact as much as possible. At 8 weeks it's important to start getting socialized but again.... I also don't want to risk Juno getting sick.


What do you guys think? Oh, and he isn't the looker Tio is but cute in his own wild little way. I'll edit in some pics later.








Edit..... just took him to the vet and he has worms...grrr.. Going to have a word with the breeder tomorrow. Also, she said Parvo is very rare these days in Japan.



Edit...Finally a picture



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Congratulations! Pictures? If you aren't taking Tio to places where large numbers of dogs, especially unvaccinated ones--which probably isn't much off an issue in Japan--congregate, I wouldn't worry too much about Tio bringing something home. How soon does Juno get his second vaccine?



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Congratulations! Also awaiting pics.


I think worms are pretty common at some point in a puppy's life. If not now, then later. I just expect it.


I am glad Tio is happy with him. Give each of them individual time as you go forward. I tried to keep the interaction time between my pup and my older dog to less than 30-40% for the first few months. I wanted the majority of the pup's interaction to be with me since I wanted him to bond with me, and not with my resident dog.

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Thanks for the help as always. We are just a little miffed that as soon as we get him we have to go through this de-worming and constant clean up of squirty poop....making sure that Tio doesn't get into it. I expect worms sometime...just not right from the start. It's been four days and I feel like we've hardly had a chance to actually enjoy this little ball of energy yet.


Tio had Giardia when we first got him, too.


Julie...I think the vaccination schedule for Japan is a little different. The next set of shots on January 25 and then again one month or so later.


Tio has had on and off diarrhea for the past few weeks as well.... I'd pay good money for either of these guys to have a regular BM...

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Ya..I'm going to stop by the pet store for some probiotics. Tio is down and out with a gut thing now, too. i noticed a tiny little bit of blood in his stool this morning. I've been giving him pumpkin and it's helping with the stool consistency but he definitely has something going on and not all that energetic. Poor guy.


The little one "Juno" is crazy energetic ...just loose stools. The vet just said the dewormer won't help immediately with the diarrhea and to start giving him 1/8 of a pill of the medication she gave us for Tio's last round of loosy butt.


When it rains it pours ...pardon the pun.


AND....holy HELL!! He's a hard little biter. Damned near draws blood. Really have to get that sorted, soon.

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I'm a little gutted today. I took Juno to the vet for his second round of shots and while she was giving him a check up she found small PPM's (Persistent Puppilary Membrane) in both eyes. She said it shouldn't be an issue but it's hard to tell at this stage. Indoors they are pretty hard to see but outside in the sunshine or under the vet's lights you can see them clearly. She didn't notice them the first two visits and he's been in the house since we got him so I had no idea. In the picture above you can see a streak in the left eye although most of that is reflection. Ahh...

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