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Just had to brag on my girl Wick for being an "Iron Dog" this weekend by competing in both agility and flyball on the same day, alternating between both events with no rest in between. She ran 22 heats as start dog on our A team (over 11") on Saturday and also ran in three USDAA agility classes (Grand Prix, Standard and Gamblers over 22"). She was loving it, and did well in both. :rolleyes:



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:rolleyes: I kept trying to figure out how someone had gotten her dogs out from right in front of us. That was pretty funny. I hate that I missed meeting Rachel and Tess. Hopefully next time I won't be coming off of being sick and can hang around all weekend. I can't wait to bring my monsters next time. I certainly had a ball, and learned a whole lot. What a blast. I think I'm sunk.
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I figured out pretty quick whose dogs WERE being walked, it took me a second to put together WHO was walking Laura's dogs! I was getting ready to do an asthmatic flying tackle on poor Pam!


Wick didn't look a BIT tired, either, Saturday. Yeah, Wicky! Jen really can't wait for the real thing.

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