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What Is Your First Thought When You See These Ears?

Guest Aria The Border Collie

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Julie and Mara- please don't stop contributing to these conversations! I know it's frustrating to read and say the same things over and over again, but I truly appreciate that both of you always manage to convey yourselves in an intelligent and respectful manner and I always learn something from each of you.


GentleLake and Sue, thanks. I'm not sure how to stop these déjà vu AKC threads and it sure takes energy and thought away from far more entertaining/less annoying topics, but I also wonder how many lurkers see these and kind of go "oh, I hadn't thought of that before", and walk away better informed.

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Very often I post reminding people that posts telling others what they should and should not post (by anyone other than moderators, that is) are not permitted. I am referring to posts that tell others that what they've said is rude, or hostile, or likely to offend, or tedious, or repetitive, or stupid, etc., and that they should mend their ways. The main reason for our policy against such posts is that they almost never convince the person to whom they are addressed, and they generally lead to defensiveness, self-justification and extended wrangling which has little to do with the subject people are here to talk about -- i.e., border collies. At their worst, they lead to people who contribute enormously to these Boards concluding that they'd be better off giving up posting, because their efforts are unappreciated and who needs this kind of aggravation. In this thread alone, at least three valuable contributors have questioned whether they should continue posting, although I sincerely hope that their manifest desire to help others -- both dogs and their owners -- will cause them to carry on.


So I'm going to ask once again that people please recognize that this is a forum made up of many diverse people with many diverse opinions and many diverse styles of expressing themselves. It's not surprising that others may not express themselves as you would, or as you would like them to. Unless they are intentionally insulting, they are entitled to speak in their own voice, as they judge best, so long as they follow the rules. If you think a post is objectionable, please notify me or Heather, and we will evaluate it and deal with it.

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