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My wife came home from work today and told me she had spotted a couple of sheep in the hill side above our pasture.


Pretty unusual, because the roundup is done end October, and weather has been brutal last couple of weeks (think blizzards that make any travel impossible).


I took Gláma, and went to collect them, turned out it was a ewe with two lambs. Quite challenging, pretty deep snow, and not a very cooperative mother to say the least...


Our neighbors owned them, and they were very pleased to hear they had been caught, and came immediately to pick them up.


I was pretty pleased with myself and even more with my dog, as getting those sheep would have been impossible without a trained dog. Yeah, okay , either with a lot of people (that would do a lot of running and swearing) or a snowmobile, which would have meant a lot more stress for the sheep involved.

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She made that impression at least.

Though she really didn´t want to go to the farm where we live (she would rather have taken the turn to go home, but a bit of a long drive in my opinion), when I opened the stable door (we turned up at the horse stable) she was very compliant to go in. I fed and watered them.

There have been very harsh weather conditions here, she is lucky to have survived them with her lambs, they are pretty tough cookies, those Icelandics.

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Nice going. The ewe and her lambs were fortunate to have the care of you and your wife, and of course Gla'ma.


Out of curiosity, how many daylight hours are you getting in Iceland? We have roughly a little over eight hours here in Washington State. -- TEC

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