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Major Rescue Brags!!

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I just wanted to pat some more rescue dogs on the back ... at the Toonies flyball tournament on Saturday our Rescue Remedy team, comprised solely of TDBCR rescue dogs (my dog Piper, Willow, Ru and borderjack Tempus), smoked our competition by a full 9 points. We ran clean in 25 of 30 races, broke out once and had a personal best (non breakout) time of 20.03 seconds. And that's pulling our passes because two of the dogs are new to the sport.


The Toonies flyball club also held a very successful raffle and generously donated a portion of the proceeds to TDBCR! And the visiting club from Las Vegas, Touch N Go, donated all of their food prizes from both days of the tournament to TDBCR. Man that team is fast - their best tournament time was 15.8 seconds!


The CanWest Vancouver Pet Expo was also held this weekend over three days and TDBCR had a booth at the Expo. On Sunday we did flyball demos and wowed the crowds. We did two interviews for radio and print, and two of our dogs were featured on the 6 o'clock news yesterday. Rescue dogs Ru and Heidi also did agility demonstrations with the Paws Ahead sports club.


Finally, on Friday evening TDBCR rescue dog Seamus achieved his SMADC at the DAWG trial, running three clean Masters Runs in a single

night! He then competed in a Rally O competition the following day and came in with the best overall points. Wow!


All in all, a fantastic three days for rescue border collies! Go rescue!



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