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Experience with McNabs? Just adopted a rescue puppy.

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Hello all,

Our family just adopted a puppy from a herding dog rescue in Oregon. He's a ten week old BC/McNab. Currently we have 9 year old female Aussie/BC that we got from rescue six years ago.

Does anyone know much about McNabs? I have read the history online and I believe they are descendants of Scottish BCs bred to work in California. Although the history seems a little fuzzy to me. Mainly I am interested in their temperament. Does anyone have experience with McNabs?

We are very excited to bring this handsome guy home and I am hoping to eventually train him in agility. It's been a long time since we have had a puppy in the house, so any tips are appreciated.


Also, I got him from Herd U Needed A Home rescue in Bend, OR. They are doing great work in the Pacific Northwest.

Kind regards,

Shadow and Maggie's Mom

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A recent foster, Bridget, was almost certainly a McNabb, although she came to me as a BC mix. Watching her move, made me completely sure that she was a McNabb. She was a wonderful girl and was adopted by a ranch family who were a perfect match for her drive and energy. As most McNabbs, she was hard headed and high drive, but a very good dog for anyone who could handle her.

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