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Speedy and I are really ready!!!!

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We have been preparing to compete in an APDT Level 1 Rally O competition that is going to be held this coming weekend since before Christmas. Two weeks ago I didn't think we were going to be ready, but we really are!!


Something clicked in that Border Collie brain of his a week ago and now he's doing splendidly!!


Granted, there are no guarantees in these things, but regardless of how it goes in the ring this weekend, I feel good about the fact that we really are ready!!

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Good Luck Speedy and Root Beer! I am hoping to get Phoenix into Rally-O also. Let us know how it goes, and any advice you could share with us since we are not even started yet would be great!

Phoenix is 6 mos old so we are still looking into all the neat and fun stuff we (or I at this point!), want to do.

I just learned of rally-o a couple of weeks ago, so I would love to hear more from you!

Good Luck again

JoeAnne Mirra, Sitka, Phoenix and crew

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good luck you guys! BC's are the best at Rally-O (along with every other dog sport :rolleyes: )!


Me and Gonzo finished a beginning class in December and he won our class fun match at the end, against about 15 other dogs.. and I was the only junior there! That is so much fun, you have to have a dog that's really on it

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Thanks Joe Anne and Erica!!


I will definitely let you know how it goes!


Joe Anne, I encourage you to consider Rally O. I think that if I had done Rally O with Speedy before I tried Agility, we would have done much better with the Agility.


No use harping on past mistakes, but it's definitely an activity worth considering! It really helps to get the basic obedience commands down pat (in a way that's 100% fun) and it helps both you and the dog with attention and rapport with one another!


I'm no expert, but I can take a stab at any questions you might have!

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