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Snap I'm free of Parvo

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first found in the field flat out covered with flies-the emergency Tec got an IV started and loaded him on the truck but did not think he would be alive when they got to the hospital. Opened the door and he was sitting or trying to sit up. Positive for parvo. He has been in the care of a vet & is improving. She will retest him soon feels he will be negative.


Well, here he is proudly posing with his negative test.



... and yes, his preliminary name is Lazarus. Probably about 5-6 months and very lucky to be alive.

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Wow, what good news. Are you fostering Lazarus, John? He's an Arizona Border Collie Rescue dog? You guys do good work.

Yes, it's wonderful news. From what I understand, he is extremely lucky to be alive.

No, I am not fostering him; the quote came from a request for a foster for him. I dont know much more than the text I quoted, but he is (or will be) a AZBCR dog.

I am amazed at the wonderful people who I work with; our resources a meagre and yet we are now rescuing around 200 dogs a year.


.. and now I think of it, we have a wonderful calendar with pictures of our rescue dogs for each month and the full proceeds go to support the rescue.

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