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Nebraska Border Collie Rescue (Omaha, NE) needs fosters, even if just temporary

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Our rescue is in desperate need of foster homes, even if it's just on a temporary basis. Our foster intake coordinator sent out the following email last night...




We are needing at least one, possibly two temporary foster homes in the Omaha area, preferably!


One is for Iollan. His foster is out of town but he's coming to Bellevue to get neutered. Because he's cryptorchid, the vet in his foster's town is unable to perform the surgery, and he needs a place to stay while he gets the surgery and recovers. He will get the surgery ASAP once he's transported to Omaha, but can't come to Omaha until we've got a foster for him. He will be coming into town on a Sunday or a Monday, and will have his surgery scheduled probably for the day after. He needs a place to stay for about two weeks afterwards until he can have his stitches removed. Here is Iollan's bio with a little bit more about him:

We also have a 2-3 year old female that might need a temporary foster. She is supposed to be coming up from Kansas City on Friday, and her foster is in Des Moines, IA. The foster home we had planned for her might not be able to take her after all, and we might need a place to keep her for a little while we figure out some place else to keep her. This dog is in DANGER at her home, the farmer that owns her plans to shoot her if she isn't gone by the end of the week so we need to get her out of there. We should know soon whether or not her foster home can take her as planned but I'd like to have plan B in the works just in case!!!


It's pretty certain that the original foster for the second dog mentioned will not be able to take her, so we really need a full-time foster for her, or someone who is willing to foster her just until another foster home opens up. I'm friends with the foster coordinator and she shared with me that the Kansas City dog is currently living outside with no shelter and has had a litter of puppies every time she came into heat. :( A neighbor has been able to find homes for all the puppies, but not the mom. Picture of Kansas City mama dog attached. :)


The rescue will provide EVERYTHING you need to foster - food, vet care, even a crate if you need one. We just need warm, loving homes while we find their forever homes!


In order to foster, you would have to complete a foster application, basically the same type of requirements necessary if you were to adopt a dog from us. You can complete an application here: http://rescuebc.homestead.com/fosterhomeapp.html


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