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Tis the season for dandruff!

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Any of Hemp, Salmon/Fish or Coconut oils, ingested, will work.


They all deliver a lot to a dog, aside from less dry skin and nicer hair/fur. They help maintain and lubricate joints and ligaments, keep the animal "regular", all the awesome Omega stuff they bring on board. All my dogs get all three, I mix it in with the kibble base they all get in weekly quantities and am done with it.


If I had to pick one, I would pick Hemp as it will more or less do the all the things the other two do plus it has potential benefits in terms of general health (cancer-restricting) and blood circulation, particularly in the brain, that the other two do not offer.


They all cost about the same, IME.


The dogs seem to have no preference - they like all of them.


I've never heard of hemp oil being used before. Its amazing to me how many uses hemp has. I'll have to try that with Effie next since it has those extra benefits. So you give them the hemp oil only once a week? Also for hemp oil is it best for the bottle to have a GMP logo or some kind of certification?

Looking on amazon at some hemp oil and its the same as what I spent on the salmon oil.

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I give oils daily. I mix food in weekly portions but that has 7 daily portions of oil, if you will. All oil intake suggestions are the same: about a teaspoon a day for a dog under 50 pounds.


As long as it is cold-pressed and 100% pure, you're fine. I make my own but I know of several suppliers locally (Atlantic Healing Hemp is one) who sell it in pump bottles or by bulk.


It is particularly useful as a replacement for NSAID in *MINOR* joint/inflammation issues. I have seen it used successfully on dogs in the first stages of arthritis.

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Yeah, I feed a diet with a kibble base (Purina) - but augmented by meat, vegetables and rice. The oils - and powder glucosomine - get mixed with the refrigerated portion - the meat/veggies and rice. At meal time I add the right amount of kibble per dog. Then if a dog, such as the BC puppy who had so many issues with lameness, has a special supplement need, it gets added on top of whatever the base contains.


The old, arthritc dogs get an extra shot of hemp. The young recovering or "with issue" dogs get extra glucosomine or salmon oil or Vit C or whatever. I have quite a little system happening for food, I tell you :)


My dogs range from 14 pounds to 123 pounds and have wildly different dietary needs so this is the most efficient way for me to manage making sure everyone gets what they need.

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