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Tio....Progress Report....Doing AOK..!!

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I confess....often I watch part of clips and then I get distracted....yes, I have issues. ;)

However, I thoroughly enjoyed every single second of this! With tears in my eyes. What a beauty he is.

I just kept flipping back to your fear, frustration facing his disease. I am so happy for you.

And on a sidenote, what a cool place to live.

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Thank you for the kind words. One of the reasons I put together the video was to send a few clips to our vet...the neuro specialist...showing how well Tio is doing. He confessed that although he gave his initial prognosis as being "Extremely Guarded" he though that was being overly optimistic. He is going to use Tio's case to teach his interns.


Well the video.........a brand new GoPro, a new Macbook with a new version of iMovie and a few free hours at work...a few "clips" morphs into something completely different.


Tio still has his slow days though..like today, after getting a little too much excitement yesterday. It's something I really have to be careful of.

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