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I am so Lucky Our vet makes is making a house call

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That's awesome!! We have a mobile vet in our area and I had Tessa see her this summer because I knew it would be easier for her to go into a vehicle than to go into the vets office!


I wish I had known about it at the end with Sammie because he would have been a lot more comfortable in that environment, as well.

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That's great!! I had the fun a few weeks ago of taking all 5 to the vet together lol certainly would have been easier if my vet came to me! It wasn't bad though, actually they were super good, they seriously waited patiently one at a time to step on the scale, it was great lol. The exams were trickier..everytime i asked them who was next, Gem was like "ME!!!!!!" and jumped back on the table lol

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