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Sassy 11/1/98 - 10/16/14

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This is the worst part about loving dogs. It never gets easier. I thought about waiting until Monday to put my Sheltie down so we could have one more weekend together. But that would have been for me, not Sassy. She was declining so quickly in the past two weeks, I was afraid she was going to hit a crisis and suffer needlessly. So I let her go last night, as she lay on the fuzzy, leopard print throw she "stole" from me.


I am so happy that I was able to spend nearly 16 years with such a sweet, gentle dog. Sassy loved nothing so much as taking good care of her pack, welcoming her friends, keeping the boys in line and looking out for all of us. And eating. And barking. She was a Sheltie, after all.


I am happy I always found it hard to thwart her. Although biddable and submissive by nature, she also took such delight in being naughty. As a youngster, she would grab a mouthful of kibble from the bin as I measured out meals. While she ran off, gleefully crunching her ill gotten gains, I smiled and put a mouthful less in her bowl.


I am grateful our vet worked hard to keep her comfortable despite a variety of health problems during the last two years and that she was given the peaceful passing such a good, stoic patient deserved.


Sassy was my companion. She was my pet, the definition that best fit her, "Any person or animal especially cherished and indulged; a darling."


Goodbye, my darling girl. I will miss you.

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Thanks, everyone for the thoughts and sympathy. It has been so comforting. It is only other true dog lovers who understand the special kind of grief over the death of an animal. Considering how Sassy’s last year was a long, slow fade, I am actually a little surprised by how much I miss her gentle, sweet presence. I keep looking at the spot where I laid the fuzzy throw for her to sleep on in the living room, as if she should still be there.


In a world full of misery, the loss of one little dog who lived a long and happy life is so insignificant in the scheme of things. At the same time, in a world full of misery, we need to surround ourselves with as much happiness and beauty as possible. For almost 16 years, Sassy was a consistent source of loveliness and comfort, no matter the harshness of the rest of the world.


Thanks again for understanding.

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