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Scotty needs a person of his own!

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I have been fostering Scotty for close to two months. He came to me as a youngster who had lived in a kennel his entire life and so had pretty much no experience with anything. He has since turned into a happy fellow who just loves being allowed to live like a real dog, playing with his pack mates, hanging out in the house, and going places with me.


Scotty is a bit fearful of new things and will need a dog savvy person who is patient and willing to let him take things at his own pace. I don't doubt that he'll eventually be fine with pretty much anything, but he's still getting used to a world outside of the four walls of a kennel.


Scotty would be a lap dog if he could. He learns quickly and can be a typical exuberant adolescent. If you know of anyone looking for a nice little red tri rough coat, tell them to go to the Blue Ridge BCR website (www.brbcr.org) and fill out an application.






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He has such a sweet face, I love that last picture of him. I so wish my husband would agree to taking on another with Mya. I would love to have him and I think Mya would love another dog around all the time too. She loves it when my daughter is up and she can play with her dog. Did Gentle Lake take him? I hope he gets a good home.

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Aw, he has a good honest face. I love that in a dog.


If it would not get me more than one dog past my own limit, I would have him in an instant!


I have one here who needs a home, too. It's sad when they don't have a person.

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