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Becareful your border collie may be training you.

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Example Ziggy knows a lot of command but my wife taught her to shake with a biscuit reward Ziggy knows shake just fine. Today my wife called Ziggy over she came wife said sit Ziggy did and then wife said shake. Nope nothing Ziggy just stared and cocked her head. My wife looked at me so sad and said she forgot Shake. I said no she didn't and tossed my wife a biscuit. As soon as that biscuit hit my wife's hand Ziggy had paw up and was shaking like crazy. I looked at my wife and said ok who trained who.

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lol yup! if guests come over Happy will have them throwing toys for her in a flash..most ofg the time they have no idea thay are playing fetch with her, she gets them into the habit, then when they get tired of it and tell her to go lay down, she immediately complies and leaves, carefully waits till they engrossed in something else, then will suddenly sneak up and shove toys in their hand, they will subconsciously start throwing the toy for her, as soon as they realize it, they will once again stop and she will leave and wait for them to forget again, then the toy is back in their hand lol

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