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How do I find classes for agility, flyball & herding???

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Can someone tell me how do you go about finding flyball , agility or herding classes. I am having a difficult time in my area. Is there a central registry on the web or even a state registry. I live in Southern Maryland, very country, you would think it would be easy to locate someone, but I'm not really sure where to start..

Any help would be great. I have found one herding instructor but it is almost 3 hrs. from me and I think you are supposed to leave your dog, and I don't know for how long. Is this something all herding instructors do? Phoenix is 5 mos old now and comes from working parents. He is showing a very strong herding instinct. At what age do you start agility, flyball & herding training? If I need to wait awhile, I would like to at least start learning the proper language, are there any books that I could read in the mean time?

I want to do all this with him, but for fun competition not real serious stuff, as of now.

Thanks JoeAnne Phoenix, Mirra,Sitka and crew

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For flyball classes, check on www.flyballdogs.com to find a club near you. Most of them offer classes or can refer you to someone who does. There are two really good flyball videos out by Spring Loaded that have some great things you can start puppies on. They are available at www.blendedplanet.com


For agility, many instructors offer puppy agility classes with basics. You can try to find an instructor from the information section of the Clean Run site - www.cleanrun.com


Dana Nichols

Greeley, Colorado



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For southern MD I am not sure there is a team there but there many in clubs in MD.


No Speed Limit

2 Lane Highway (Two Lane Highway)

Corporal Punishment

4 Dog Night

Greenbelt Flyers (debutting this weekend)


I know that folks from So. MD usually join one of teh above teams or even travel to VA. There is someone from So. MD that runs with Flyball Invaders.


If you are free this weekend, I would suggest visiting Leesburg, VA where a flyball tournament is taking place at A Click Above. It will be both Sat and Sun. You can go online to check out the actual location. I don't know the website but I think it is www.aclickabovellc.com It would be a good place to ask around


Good Luck,

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