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Picking things up on command (Service Dog Question)

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Gidget has gotten very good about picking just about anything up and giving it to me on command, the thing is that she will not pick up anything that resembles clothing, be it shoes, socks, towels, etc... I am sure this stems from her previous owners, she would run away from a sock with her tail between her legs if she saw on on the floor when she first came here.


Should I not bother to work with her on clothing items? I mean sure it would be nice if I drop some laundry and she could help me pick it up and throw it in the hamper, but if it is going to upset her to ask her this should i drop it or should i help her through it?



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I'd start with classical desensitization/counter conditioning techniques to help her eliminate the negative association she has with items of clothing. Then you can move on to training her to pick them up for you.


Best wishes helping her to move past this. With everything you've already done to help her through her fears and to train her to do new things, I feel sure you'll be successful with this as well.

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Thank you, that's pretty much what I thought, She was wining wanting to do some more pick it up, so I was searching for some new things, just to see I kicked off my shoe darn if she didn't pick it up lol. I will take things that she is leery of very slow and get her comfortable with the idea, I found a nice thread in the agility section with a few really nice videos and links to things, that should keep us busy for a few days, thank you all again so much I appreciate you all more then you will ever know!

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