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Hi everyone,


Just wanted to get some opinions on house training. Our BC Maisey is 17 weeks today. We got her when she as 6 weeks, 1 day. She "got" the crate immediately and never had accidents (well, on e, but she was so freaked t, I doubt it will ever happen again.). But, she will stop , drop and pee anywhere, even at 17 weeks. Of course, it's not every 20 minutes now, but still.. She is out almost every hour at a minimum. She gets the going outside part. But, she does not totally get the NOT going inside the house part. She is confined to the mudroom (tile, no carpets) for most of her time, but comes out to play and go outside. And I play with her in that room, to. It's a good sized room, but not huge.She gets lots of exercise --at least an hour in the morning with our golden off leash and smaller play sessions during the day). She is rarely all alone). So, she goes out often during the day--even rings the bells

To go outside. But, without warning, she will just pee 3 feet from me. I can rarely have a day with NO accidents. What am I doing wrong? I don't know what else to do. Anyone have insights?


Thanks-- wendy

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