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now that i've finally got solid obedience at home (without distractions), i think it's time that we started going to obedience classes, so that we can practice when there are distractions around. Here's a list of trainers/places i've been looking at in my area. Has anyone heard anything about these people?


Laurie Zurborg

Vickie Marx

Lore Adams (but i think she only does in-home)

Patty and Paul Thurner


I think i'm most interested in Laurie Zurborg...

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Where is your area? As a pet trainer myself, I would strongly suggest for you to choose a trainer that works with reward based/positive feedback training. This type of training works well with all dogs and most especially BC's. They are so eager to learn and please you. Also a trainer that works with you and your dog together at the same time, not you leaving the dog for days or weeks at a time. It sounds like you have already established a bond with your dog, so he/she should respond to you willingly and positively.

Actually most of the "training", I do is more for the people, the dogs just need to be directed!!

Good luck. JoeAnne Mirra, Sitka, Phoenix and crew

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Hi Joe Anne-


I'm in orange county, CA. All the trainers I listed are in the area (I got them from the socal aussie rescue site). They all say that they train w/ positive reinforcement (which is the same as positive feedback from my understanding?). I guess i'm just looking for specifics on methods and what sort of animals the trainer has experience with (fear aggressive? shelter/rescue? etc)

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