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A huge fan of the product - have both my girls on it. My oldie was 14 on Sunday and is 12 months post a cruciate repair. My young BC has plenty of ortho issues and it was the last ditch effort as nothing else we were doing was helping.


I have tried other joint products and definitely think this one trumps all others. My young girl has been on it for about 20 months and my oldie would be coming up for 16 or so months on the product.


A couple of video updates I did. This is my girl who was 14 on the weekend a few months ago (so about 8 or so months post cruciate surgery) -


And my baby girl (well not so baby she is 6 now but has been having lameness issues since she was 3) -



Neither dog are on anything other than supplements although I will occasionally use a tramadol with my old girl if she does to much.


Not all products work equally well for all dogs but its definitely one that has worked for my two. Its safe to use at higher then the loading dose for extended period of times.

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