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Do you hug your dog?

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LOL - Cass, your post made me think of my recently passed Toller, Mikey. He HATED to be hugged and he got hugged a lot. I will never forget the look of long suffering on his face as he would catch my eye in the middle of an unwanted hug ... "please, please, please take me home now."


He was a rescue dog and for several years he was a duty dog at a national park and, quite literally, he worked every day finding this or that hiker, kid, camper, etc. who had wandered off. He got a LOT of hugs.

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My BC will work for kisses. I'm not a super touchy owner but she will worm her way into my lap and put the side of her muzzle to my lips and say " kiss, dammit !". It has to do with resource guarding though, -she 's the last dog in, was super abused, is quite bossy. Out of curiosity the other day, bored and waiting in my car, I put a piece of ho hum bread between my lips and indicated it was hers if she wanted it. She considered it for a while, then came up alongside me on the console, lined herself up pointing the same way as I was and pressed her left ear to my right cheek... while she thought. lol. Eventually, she slid her muzzle toward my lips ever so slowly. I closed my eyes, felt the bread move, warm breath and a whisper of soft muzzle.

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I am not overly physical with my dogs. I scratch and pet them, but hugging and wrestling type games aren't something I engage in a lot. Mostly, my dogs have responded to this by not wanting to wallow and glomp onto me. The exception to this is Thud, and honestly one of his highest value rewards is permission to jump up and lick me in the face. It's a rare reward because I just Don't Like It.


But of my 5 only Thud and Bug are really big into that kind of thing, anyway. The others will take their scratches and pets, but would rather I throw the ball, play tug, or talk to them. So, I guess the answer here is "no, I don't hug my dogs" but that's mostly a function of my preferences.

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