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Ok, hello everyone in BC land. I'm glad to find you!

I have a 9 mos BC named Georgie girl, who is in training for sheep work, and keeps me very busy with all the nutty things she loves to do when not seriously working in class---chasing ghosts in the snow, tearing up plastic bottles, swimming, fetching, etc. She is a great herder, too---in school--my sheep are not dog broke yet for her.


Anyway, our nightly walks w/the other dogs to the fields and woods on 100 acres are becoming too much for me when I could be riding my wonderful horses and not walking! I also have a young year old and cowardly german shepherd, and two adult rat terriers who love to canvas the fields for anything moving.


Problem is: the GSD is totally freaked at the horses and cowers and runs and hides when I go to ride. You guessed it, the BC takes the cue and joins her! This is in spite of the 2 Rats having a ball and hunting and following.


I've tried ignoring it all and leaving the two cowards, which they don't mind and makes me more aggravated, containing the GSD, not walking and only riding for a few days (no exercise for the BC and GSD--they stay home--which isn't the goal) and ???

No matter, I end up with 2 Rat terriers and nobody else.

The two non-riders will join me in the lot to feed these horses mind you, and no horse has ever hurt these dogs.


What to do? Dragging them on a rope isn't a good plan, I don't want to terrorize them. I can't figure how to deal with this and neither can my husband. Any ideas greatly appreciated.



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Ditto about doing fun stuff with the horses on the ground. Also, even if your dogs have never been hurt around a horse, have they been threatened? A horse lunging at them or stomping is not very confidence instilling. Perhaps you could work one on one with the BC and the horses so he gets used to the horse and doesn't rely on the reactions of the GSD. Once the BC is comfortable and mature with the horse, maybe the GSD will start taking cues from HIM.


My BC wouldn't follow me on rides until he was 6 months old. Before then he was too timid and I think he knew he wasn't fast enough to get out of the way should one of the ranch horses take an interest in him. His best buddy, a 4 year old Dalmatian was used to horses and followed me everywhere and eventually my pup got up the courage to follow, too. With good experiences everytime, he got the confidence to not be afraid. BTW, this BC had his paw stepped on and pulled a ligament in his stifle when a horse charged and ran over me in a paddock, knocking the pup out of my arms and to the ground. Very scary for both of us. So he had that issue to get over.


If the other dogs aren't around, is the BC glued to your side? Try riding with just him. And call him along, throwing treats. Does he have any dog buddies who would accompany you? Just go out with both of them and have the seasoned dog show him what it's all about. I think he was more interested in following the Dalmatian and other dogs than he was about following me. Riley didn't get his entire tough dog attitude until 12 months and now he's not nearly as skittish as he was at 6 or 9 months.

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Hmmmm. I can't say I ever had a problem w/ my BC being afraid of my horse. He's 3 now, but since I can remember he has been going on rides w/ me. He gets SO upset if I don't take him w/ me. But, doing fun stuff (ball) off your horse would probably help. You must have a horse like mine . I could throw anything off her and she would look at me like i'm dumb lol. Anyways....good luck to you.

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Thanks guys!

I think the BC will come around with the playing idea even though she won't follow with a 'seasoned' rat terrier yet. She hangs out around the horses no problem, it is the 'leaving the farm' part I think contributing to it. The horses totally ignore the dogs, so it's not any funny looks going on.

Now for the ground to freeze up again and stop raining,,,,,can't wait to try the ideas!

I SURE hope I can get my dog pack following me horseback--it's too complicated otherwise and I hate leaving them behind to ride!

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Hey Guys,

My BC has never been afraid to follow me on rides either, though she usually leads! I play fetch with her from my horses back and she's even jumped up on his back before, but she didn't really like that. I would definitely try introducing the dogs in a low-key setting, like while the horse is in a stall or pen and just feeding everyone treats.

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