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Hi Everyone,


Just curious if anyone else has been in the same situation as I am.


Jet, my border collie, is just over a year old. I got him in Canada, and brought him with me to Colombia when he was just four months. For the past year we had been living in the same place here in Medellin. On Friday, we moved to the other side of the city into a new home. He is very unsettled and gets spooked by any and everything. Normally, he was very calm and very comfortable. His bed, house and all his toys are in the new home in similar locations within the house. We have all the same furniture and everything. I am surprised he is so worked up. It is going on three days now where he has barely slept or ate. I am surprised, because it certainly is not his first time changing homes, and neither of the other times did he have an issue.


Anyone have any tips for getting him to settle down and settle in, or does it just take time?

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The timing of this move sets it right in the middle of a fear period. Try to keep things as positive as possible for Jet. Routine might be a good thing for him, at least for a while, so he knows what to expect when. You may want to do some training -- tricks, anything at all really -- so that he can develop some confidence when he realizes he can do things successfully.




Best wishes helping Jet get through this.

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I agree with Gentle Lake. Fear period. I also agree with the advice to normalize him by way of doing things he can succeed at and building some confidence and "reminding" him that there are all sorts of things to think about other than "What the heck is going on here?"


I had a puppy around that age decide they were afraid of dishes and pots and pans. It was hilarious and awful and lasted about a week. :/

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