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Rescue dog's small breakthrough

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I got my girl Dublin at about six months of age from a rescue group. She hadn't been abused, but she certainly had been neglected. She'd spent the first five months of her life in a small kennel with two momma dogs and their 17 puppies. She hadn't been very socialized with people.


She has many BC tendencies (she's only half BC) including a powerful need to please her person and a very soft disposition when it comes to correction. Couple those things with an extremely submissive nature and you get a dog that runs and hides at the strangest things.


For the whole year+ that I've had her, she has run to hide when I start getting ready for bed. I'm not 100% sure what about the routine stirs this in her, but I've been patiently working with her on this as well as a myriad of other issues that used to make her run and hide. It isn't that I don't want her to do this if she truly is feeling the need to find a secure place to disappear....but I also don't want her running for the corner every time something happens....especially something as innocuous and routine as a night-time ritual. (I might add that there's nothing loud or out of the ordinary that I have been able to identify about getting ready for bed that would have triggered this in her.)


Many of the things that once sent her into her corner no longer bother her....or, don't bother her nearly as often as they once did. For example closing the blinds used to send her running for cover and now she sticks around more often than not.


So, my breakthrough is this: two nights ago for the first time, Dublin didn't run and hide at bedtime AND actually followed me into the room after I'd turned the lights out and hopped into bed with me!


Debate all you want about the pros and cons of a dog sleeping with you in bed or not....that's for another post. I was just so excited that it was evidence of her becoming more and more comfortable with things that used to send her scurrying away. Of course last night it was back to hiding. But, baby steps, baby steps.

I shudder to think what would have happened to her had she ended up with someone who treats their dogs with a heavy hand. Anyway, just wanted to share a small victory for my rescue dog!

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