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Turning on to sheep at... Five y/o?

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I tried Kenzi on stock a few times when I took Kipp for lessons. She was 2-3 y/o at the time and acted excited, immature and a bit, well, ditzy. She's a rescue of unknown origin so I figured that was that and no sense in trying anything else with her. Recently at my folks's place she has been quite interested in the sheep. And not crazy dog interested but Border Collie stylish interested. I moved their electric fence tonight and she held the sheep in the barn. And walked up to head them off when they tried to get out. And stared them down nice until they yielded despite the foot stomping ewe. And responded to my "lie down" and "that'll do". And I'm left standing there thinking "is this the same crazy, immature dog who has demonstrated little to no stock sense in the past?" It's kinda throwing me for a loop. But I like it!

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