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Medical Marijuana for Dogs?


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Echo the others...after the uncertainty of whether to give or not, it must be a relief to see such a positive response..the need for - & the power of - sleep is a much underrated.


Hope Nyla continues to feel more comfortable (& yes, I too trust my dog's judgement on this sort of thing similar to you & Mesa)

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Very interesting discussion,and thank you for starting it. I have considered the use of medical mj for my female border collie, who is in pain to one degree or another pretty much all the time now. I gave her Tramadol, which helps me quite a bit, but it doesn't seem to have any effect on her that I can tell. Acupuncture was like a miracle for her, and gave her three days of pain free movement, but I cannot afford regular treatments for either her or me, unfortunately.

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Nyla is doing great.


With the help of a professional, I formulated a mm based (suspended in hemp oil) additive which she now gets with her evening meal. In case anyone is keeping track, it was determined that a rate of 25% of the recommended dosage for a chronic pain application in a human (based on weight) was appropriate for her.


She has put on 3 pounds, sleeps through most nights, will take short walks to the swimming pond with me and gets up and down much easier.


No side effects that we have noticed. She had bloodwork done Friday and all was well.


I also put her on a level of glucosamine which one would normally offer a dog with an acute/fresh injury and will slowly reduce that to about 1500mg a day (she's 100+ pounds).


My kids made me a t-shirt:


"Really, officer, it's for my dog."

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