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Vashon Sheepdog Classic - a couple runs

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Thanks so much for sharing these.


You and Tip are a GREAT team, Dave! And wasn't Bill and Coal's run totally awe-inspiring!


I was tempted to watch these during the meeting I was attending ... didn't think the other attendees would appreciate it, somehow...

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Thank you for all the effort that goes into videoing and posting them. Excellent production.


I liked the nice open flanks, particularly on the drive, that your dog showed. Are they natural for Tip? If trained, can you share any "tips" on how to get them? Great job.


Best wishes at the Carbondale Finals this year. -- Kind regards, TEC

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apologies for the late response. on the road for the last three weeks. Tips flanks came from the factory as they are. he can be open or slicey depending on where he is and what we are doing. Once he understood the job he would provide the flank he thought appropriate to get it done. His flanks on the fetch are very different than at the pen. I offer a bit of fine tuning here and there but, basically, I just got out of his way.



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Congrats on your run in the double lift final at Carbondale. What an honor to be there.


Do you verbally cue "lookback" or do you have a whistle command for it? If whistled, can you decribe it? I would like to develop a whistle command for my dog. - TEC

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