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The border collie sneak video...of 5 bcs that a rescue site made.

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This is so funny, a friend sent to me on fb and I thought I would share it for anyone who wants to see the bc sneak/creep LOL!!


Mya does this to me. I have never had such a quiet dog in my life. She scares the beejeebers out of me when I realize she is standing behind me...LOL.



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I've seen that video - makes me laugh every time.


Molly and I have a game where I wiggle my fingers at her which means I will play chase and chase her around the table. She likes to duck underneath and I pretend I can't find her and she sneaks up behind me for a gleeful attack - the thing is even though I know she is coming and I know she is going to get me, it always surprises me because she's so stealthy.


She's started sneaking up on me in the low crouch mode, tail down, giving me the eye. It's hilarious.

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