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The "Big Dog Park"

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For those of you who don't know about the big dog park here, Poor Gidget would get so scared when we would bring her up there, all those great big dogs running around put her in a major fear mode so we quit bringing her there.


We got special permission from the shelter to use the small dog park, that way she can run and play alos see the big dogs on the other side of the fence.


When we are there and their are not any other dogs in the little area with us if I see a big dog coming to the park every now and then I will ask the owner if they could help me out a little bit and bring their dog in. This has been a great help to Gidget, one day a man kept inviting more and more people with big dogs into the area that we had 8 great big dogs in there running around! She was awesome not a worry in her head.


One day a rather energetic bull dog came running at her head on, that scared her a little, she ran to me, the owner brought their dog over nice and calm we let them sniff and that was that, they were out there having a ball.


The last 2 times we have gone to the park when it is time to go, Little miss Gidget has been going to the gate to the big dog park, she looks at me as if to say Lets go I am ready. I think it may be ok to bring her up, especially when she is asking, but I am a big chicken! I won't do it the first few times alone as I could never run to get to her should something happen. I will go there the first few times with someone to assist me should it be needed.


I am thinking to just go, be calm happy and relaxed, bring her up the back way, not straight up into the huge meet and greet area, let her go from behind so she can decide where she wants to go if she wants to go see all of them gathered together. These are just dogs being dogs, most of them are not overly agressive, though now and then their are a few that in my opinion should not be there anymore then Gidget was at the time.


This is a Huge step for Gidget! I know she is telling me it is time. She will run back and forth along the fence line with the big dogs on the other side, fur on her back not going up, no snapping, no tail between her legs. Yes I see the progress but should I dare take that chance?

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