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Bob, my thoughts are with you and your family. None of us knows for certain what the next day will bring to us. May your days be filled with love and laughter.

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Wanted to tell you about a very brave man that for a time conquered bone cancer. I met him while training for agility under his wife. He was in his early 60's then ran 100+ apple and peach orchard and trained two border collies in agility. George had been diganosed with bone cancer when he had broken a hip approx 5yrs before I met him, he tried radiation and chemo with some effect but not a huge improvement. He then put himself on a holistic diet with all natural supplements. The cancer went into remission for several years with careful manangement. He continued in remission for about 5 more years after I met him...giving him 10 years when he should have had one. Sadly when he needed to have a knee replacement the body could not maintain the defense against the cancer and heal the surgery at the same time and he passed away about a year later. The upside to this story is that he was able to do the things he loved for 10 yrs vs. 1 yr got to see his grandson, and continued to fight the whole time. Just remember that there is always hope do not give up and look into all possibilities of treatment. My thoughts are with you

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