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Philadelphia-Newtown Square, PA area dog boarding?

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Is anyone in the Philly, specifically Newtown Square, area who can recommend a dog boarding place that can handle two extraordinarily well-behaved Border Collies who are 100% fine in kennels, but one of whom is NOT dog friendly?


This is kind of a last minute, desperate help request. I'm currently vacationing in Maine, with my dogs. We have to stop in Newtown Square, PA on the way home, just Thurs evening through Sat morning (Aug 14-16), to attend a memorial service for my grandmother, who passed away last week. I'm not real thrilled with leaving my dogs alone in a hotel room while we're at the memorial, and I'm having a heck of a time finding a boarding kennel. My boys are vaccinated per Ohio requirements... but unfortunately not to PA requirements (bordatella is 1x per year in OH for boarding, every 6 months in PA). Hoot CAN NOT be with strange dogs- he's a resource guarder with a large personal space bubble and a short temper. He's great with people. Nick is nearly perfect, and is happy anywhere.



Any help would be appreciated.

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No answers, Ben, but I'm very sorry to hear about your grandmother.


If you want a place an hour and a half farther south, I could suggest something near me, though most kennels are full because of August vacations. Heck, you could leave them with me (if you could handle the drive to B'more), except for the fact that we're leaving tomorrow for vacation.



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