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learning weave poles for dummies

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Hi, i've been reading these boards for about 2 years,i just registered and am looking for a link i found some time ago. it was a link to a site that had simple directions to teach a dog weave poles using side barriers. i would like to get my girl Pearl into weave poles to keep her mind occupied,can anyone point me to such a site? by the way i'm the dummy , my BC can outsmart me easily.

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Have you tried doing a simple search in google? Type in "teaching agility weave poles" and you should find all different types of ways to teach the poles. Some say the method you are looking for is not the best. Some say it is. Read about them all and you can decide for your self. I'm currently working with the 2 X 2 weave method.


Check cleanrun.com too. Good resource. But google will give you lots to look over.



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keep in mind that methodes that work great for some dogs, dont work at all for others. people always told me that tilted weavepoles were sa horrable way to teach weave, and that the best way was to guid then through with your feet and food. ummm well after 3 years of the feet and food methode with not a single result to show from it, I tried the tilted poles and Happy was weaving within minuts. unfortialty on my own at home was the ony chance I had to try other methodes, because everywhere I went refused to allow me to use any other method then the food and feet :confused: so you will need to try all sorts of methods till you find the one that works for your dog.

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