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Help with crate/time out, etc

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I'm sorry to put my initial, introductory post out like this, but i'd like to hear your suggestions. Here is our issue.


Our BC will be 12 weeks on Mon. Both my wife and I work full time, (thankfully). I AM able to take the puppy (Anijo/Ani) to my work. I am the maintenance manager at a cabin rental resort. I am out on the grounds mowing, trimming, and all other projects. I can get back to let Ani out of her crate every 2 1/2 - 3 hrs for 15-20 minutes. And an hour or so at lunch. However I DO have to leave her in the crate the rest of the time I am out. The first 3 weeks she would go right into her crate on command. Over the past week she has been VERY resistant to going in. To the extent of stuggling and fighting and I litterally have to force her in. Once in, she usually settles and goes to sleep.


I guess that I basically know I am probably instilling some seperation anxiety by doing this, but I really don't have much choice.


When we are at home we don't really put her in the crate until she gets overtired and cranky. I feel pretty guilty about her being in while i'm at work. We have tried leaving the crate open, but she won't go in on her own. We have tried throwing treats in. She will go in to get them, but just comes right back out.


What do we do?

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I would try a couple of things to start with to see how they worked.


First, she is still a baby. So her 'crate training' is by no means finished, even if she did fine the first 3 weeks.


She is probably bored. Put an indestructible chew toy (Kong or deer/elk antler) in the crate with her so she has something to work on. No fleece toys or squeaky toys or similar since some dogs will tear them apart in a few seconds/minutes and possibly swallow the bits. Ask me how I know.


I would also try to play some 'Crate Games' with her both at home and at work. Google 'crate games' to get some ideas on training. The general idea is to make it fun to go in the crate.


Definitely mix it up. Put her in the crate with some treats, then let her back out in a few minutes. Right now, when she goes in the crate at work, she is smart enough to know that the fun stops - for a long time in her puppy brain. Try to make the intervals shorter, both at home and at work. 2 minutes, then 5 minutes, then 3 minutes, then 7 minutes, etc.


And just so you know - since you are a newbie - we all like to see photos of new puppies/dogs. We will be waiting. :)

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My pup despised the crate and it seemed like forever to get her to settle down and not throw a fit every time I put her in it. I have found that a Kong helps so I can get out of the house with the pup still happy. I freeze the Kong with yummy fillings so my pup enjoys it for a longer period of time.


I also played a game where I would toss a treat in the crate and she would run in to get the treat. I would give her lots of praise and attention and toss in another treat. We would play this game for 15 minutes and I would take her outside to play. I was hoping to make her see that the crate was a good thing and didn't always mean that I was leaving her alone.


Good luck...and please post photos!

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I created a crate game for my four month old who started to resist night crating.


Toys must "go to bed". Puppies can do what they want, but the toys must go to bed and stay in bed. Toys which are inappropriate/too large for the crate are put away at bedtime.


Puppy is not allowed to bring toys out or play with any other random thing she can find (when I was training this, all sorts of strange household things ended up in the crate at night) - in short - ANYTHING she would consider fun is in that crate when it's bedtime - including all available water and the "bedtime snack" which she knows will cause the door to close as soon as she starts to eat it.


She became a reluctant crate-dweller. But she always acted like I was tricking her and I got the "you suck" look whenever the door closed.


So, I upped the ante by having her put her toys "to bed" and coming to ask for the bedtime snack which she takes to her crate herself. She started going to bed happily.


I don't close the door until she is already asleep and we're both happier :)


The idea of having a "crate toy" that she loves and can only have in her crate is also a great one. One of those stuffable Kong bones would keep her happy for a while.


Good luck - keep us posted.

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Ok I was someone that was totally against crate training. So I never had a border collie we have 3 other dogs lab mix, terrier mix, rotti mix. They all behaved and never had to use a crate, So came along this adorable loving girl a BC only 5 weeks she slept in bed with us and every minute she was our little precious. With each week her energy grew and grew and grew. She no longer wanted to hang with us and wanted her freedom. At a cost destruction at night. Carpet torn up things off counters and shredded every morning was wake up to what has she done now. So in came a crate :( . Necessary and helpful. so we use the crate at night and a when ever we need a break she doesn't fight it and sometimes 20 minutes in it calms her a little. When she is in full out rampage the other dogs hide from her. She still is a beautiful loving puppy but the crate has helped keep her in check. When she shows responsible behavior the crate will be gone.. But at this moment she is in her terrible two's and they are wildly unpredictable. All this and she gets a crazy amount of exercise 4 hours a day she gets outside and runs free.and playtime in the house while she behaves.

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Is your pup getting enough physical and mental activity while she is out? Perhaps she needs more while she is out so that she is ready for rest when it is time for her to go in.


In all honesty, when she is out during my work days, she might not be getting enough activity. During my lunch break, I try to eat fairly quickly and then we go out and we play fetch the frisbee for 1/2 hr(ish). In the mornings before we go, I try to play some fetch or go for a walk of some sort. Probably not long/physical enough but it take awhile to go even a mile or so. She is young and very curious, so she has to smell and check out everything. Which IMO is OK. In the evening, we play fetch, work in some SIT, DOWN, WHOA and such. I have also set up a small "agility course" and she works that. I am just starting to try to introduce a weave component. (mental stim).


I know, realistically, that most of the "problem" is just that she is a puppy. One of my bigger concerns is wether we should be forcing her into the crate.


I have no problem using a crate. I just don't want to cause problems into the future.


I'll get some pics soon.

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Could you take her on a walk during the lunch break instead of playing fetch? Walks will engage her brain as she sees, hears, and smells the world around her. Fetch is fun but I think walks work better to wear a puppy out.

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I vote for frozen stuffed Kongs or food puzzle toys (alternated for variety would be good) to help ease the boredom and to provide some mental stimulation. It would also be a good idea to always feed her in her crate so that she associates it with good things.


Ditto the above on trying to make her time out of the crate as mentally stimulating as possible.


A lot of people have to work full time jobs while they raise their puppies. It can be done and I applaud you for trying to make it as easy as possible on the youngun.

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