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Have I Forgotten Anything?

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Ok. I'm leaving for a week to head off Minnesota. Rune is staying with a good friend of mine and her pooch. My friend claims I'm like an anxious mom sending her kid of to camp the very first time. But this is my little going away package I'd put together:



-Toys--the kind she can have in her crate on her own, and the plushies she can operate on under supervision.

-Leash/Collar/License/Microchip tags etc..



-Ear meds (she had an ear infection, but its gone...just in case it comes back though..)

-Vet Records

-Picture, in case the worst should happen and she gets lost, they have something to make flyers with

-And an emergency contact number in case for some reason my friend suddenly can't care for her, (Emergency in the family, etc.) she has some one to call to come get her who has agreed to take her.


Whew! I think I've thought of everything....



Whats so funny, is I've thanked my friend so much for being there to care for her, and she waves it off and thanks ME because she gets to take care of a puppy all week! She loves Rune. Her and I meet up 3-4 times every week with our dogs at the dog park. Recently we ate at this outdoor cafe that even had a dog menu! We bought our dogs the 'Sit and Stay Parfait' which was yogurt and peanut butter frozen into a block--perfect for the heat! They brought it out in little dog bowls and everything. We loved it...so did the dogs!

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If I ever had to go anywhere without my dog, I know my best friend would take her, even though her cat hates her lol. Poor Riven would be so worn out, my friend hikes and runs like there's no tomorrow.


Im glad you're leaving her with a friend and she'll get lots of love and attention

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Has your friend ever taken care of a Border Collie before? If not, you might want to add BenGay and Vallium (for your friend) to the list. Also, you might want to start searching for a new friend when you get back...


Seriously, we don't have this problem. If we have to travel, the vet takes care of our dogs; Missy stays at the vet's office, while Annie enjoys a vacation at the vet's farm.

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