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help with puppy car chasing

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My Cody did this as a puppy and is still interested in cars when we walk along roads. I stopped walking near roads for a long time and just walked along paths. We worked on downs or watch me as we walked. As he became more reliable I started walking along a road with a few cars. As the cars approached I had him "down". That is still what we do. Fortunately he hasn't taken off after a car in the last year and I can now play ball or frisbee within sight of a road. I had to really hunt for places that we could play that was not in sight or near a road.


I would recommend not walking along a road if possible and work on training. Hopefully with maturity and training you can get this in control.


There are other posts that discuss this that may have better or more information.


Good Luck! Jill

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See the posts in a similar thread in the General Border Collie Discussion area.


Your pup is young enough to train away from this behavior with something (really really really yummy food bits, favorite toy....) to distract his attention to YOU every single time a car goes by.


Limit your walks for a while, to where there aren't too many cars so you can do this every time.


Make it a happy alternative, much more exciting than the car, rather than a correction.


Deanna in OR

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