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potty training.. only performs in our garden

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Your pup has already placed the scent in the garden that says, "This is the place". She is probably holding on otherwise to wait to get where it's the right place in her mind, where she can smell her previous "deposits".


Now, do I understand that you walk her outside the yard, etc., and plan on her doing her business on the walk, or do you have a yard area where she can do her business, just not in the garden (or by garden, do you mean what I would call a yard)?


One thought about setting up a new area in your yard is to move some of her feces to the area where you want her to perform. Then you must not allow her access to the garden area where you don't want her to go.


If, on the other hand, you are wanting her to go on a walk "around the neighborhood" and not on your property at all, you do have a different situation at hand. If you are walking around the neighborhood, are you prepared to pick up her messes and take them home (or wherever is suitable) to dispose of them?


One thought is to allow her to do her business in your yard and simply scoop up the mess and deposit it in a suitable place. You could make a spot to put the feces or bag and dispose of them in the trash.


Good luck in training your pup!

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Tess took MONTHS to be willing to go potty anywhere other than her spot in the backyard. She would wait all day if we went to see my parents, then when we got home she was desperate.


Something that has helped us is having potty commands, so you might try that.


With Tess, we just were patient and eventually she caught on that it was okay to go potty *outside* in general and not just in this one spot. She was a breeze to potty train, though! She knew her spot and that is the only place she would go. That's my Border Collie, one sharp cookie.


EDIT: To this day, Tess goes potty on leash and I pick up after her immediately. I have done this since the day we brought her home. I prefer she got potty in our yard when and where I tell her to, so that I can clean up and then she gets freedom in the house because I know there will not be any mistakes.


Allie & Tess

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Marzipan is 16 months old and is just NOW getting comfortable with doing her business on a walk. We did train a potty command and that has helped.


Our rescue dog, on the other hand, REFUSED to go in the yard! He would only go on a walk. He was 18 months old when we got him and I do know that his previous owners never took him for a walk. So that was odd. Took him about 6 months to figure it out.


Give the pup some time. Marzipan would do anything she could to NOT go while on a walk. I think it's just an age thing and the scent issue as well.



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Bitches are apparently supposed to be uncomfortable about going potty in new places and if one does and if you have a male dog pretty much they will try and mask it with their own deposit, unlike my girl who will wizz anywhere!!! which is a worry at obedience trials i can tell you!! i think my dogs have their genders mixed up as my dog will try and hold it until we get home.

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We had the opposite problem with our Diamond - she would ONLY go on walks and NEVER in the yard.


What worked very well for us was saying "Hurry up" as she peed, and "Number two" while she was pooping. We'd say it in a low, calm voice and then as soon as she was done say "Good hurry up!" or "Good number two!" in a really happy voice and give her lots of love and praise.


It didn't take her long to learn the commands, and although she was VERY reluctant to go in the yard, we started taking her there before any walks or fun time, and only when we KNEW she would have to go (for example, first thing in the morning) and she caught on pretty quick. Now she will go whenever and wherever we want her to. Very convenient!

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Happy and Misty wont go outside the yard either, makes things complicated when we travel lol Happy has recently started to go potty outside the yard, but for years she would hold it for days. she still wont go out on a walk, but she will go when we are traveling. Misty is 2 years old and I could stand their for an hour, she still will NOT go potty outside of our yard. heck she wont even go IN our yard if someone is outside with her.

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