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I wasn't sure where to put this, but this seems appropriate enough.
I was looking on the site of the breeder I'm getting a dog from and she mentioned two of her dogs who had run in "intermediate" at the Phantom Ridge trial. I have only ever heard of an "Intermediate" level in AKC trials, but Phantom Ridge is owned by Louanne Twa and from what I know of her it clearly it wasn't an AKC trial. I was wondering if the "intermediate" level is a thing in Canada, or if it was just her name for the pro-novice, or what?

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Here are the classes offered at Phantom Ridge, appears to be in between Novice and Pro-Novice when it comes to level of difficulty assuming that "full drive" is drive with cross drive and "drive" may only be one leg of the drive with no cross drive, maybe someone who has been there can fill us in on what full drive vs. drive is.


Dates: July 1 @ 5:00 novice class

July 2 & 3 – Open, Nursery , Pro Novice, Intermediate

ISDS style field course on commercial white faced ewes

Open: +/- 350 yrd outrun, full drive, shed, pen

Nursery: +/- 250 yrd outrun, full drive, pen

Pro Nov :+/- 250 yrd outrun, full drive

Intermediate:+/- 250 yrd outrun, drive, pen

Novice: +/- 100 yrd outrun, assisted Drive, pen

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Hi. I'm not sure about sheep trials and Intermediate--might be a local Canadian thing. It is also a sanctioned class for the NCA (National Cattledog Association) for dog/handler teams that are not quite ready to compete in Open. Since I know Louanne does not do cattle trials, I am guessing it would be similar to Pro-Novice or Open Ranch as it is called in various parts of the country. Who is the breeder?


ETA Looks like Deb and I posted at the same time, but she did more research than I...

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That's perfect, Debbie, thanks so much. Where did you find that? Obviously I don't know where to look for the right information!

Anna, the breeder is Lindsay Powell. She has just recently gotten into trialing, I believe, so I don't think many people know her.

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