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Potty Training ....HELP!


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:confused: "Harley" is four months old and new to our family.

We are trying to house break him with very slow progress. When we take him outside, he will do his "potty" within five minutes.

After we bring him back inside and play a few minutes, he will start sniffing around and then pee on the floor right in front of you. If we leave him in his crate for a couple of hours he will pee inside and lay in it. I always heard that a dog will not go to the bathroom in the same place he sleeps. Not so with Harley.

Any help or training tips would truly be appreciated.



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When you say "potty" do you mean he does both? If not, then you need to maybe run with him for a few or throw a ball and wait until he does both or at least pees as he may not do both everytime. If you mean he does both and then he comes in and truely in 5 min he pees again (make sure of the time).. you may need to have him checked for a UTI or something else. At 4 mo. he should have some control and not have to pee so frequently.

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How long have you had Harley? Where did you get him? I've read that some breeders permit the puppies to 'eliminate' in their eating/sleeping area, which obviously creates a lot of housetraining problems for the new owners.


How long do you keep him outside, playing? Can you stay out there with him longer, to give him a chance to pee more often?


Also, are you giving him a ton of praise when he pees outside? How are you handling it when he "goes" inside? I've read to not make a big deal out of cleaning it up, and to not let the puppy see you cleaning up after him.


The few times my dog has gone inside, I've followed the above advice and it's worked like a charm. They're such smart dogs, it's just up to us to set them on the right track so they know what we expect ...


Good luck!

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