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Evaluating a shelter dog for sports potential?

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Well, I'm back from my month-long trip, and starting the search in earnest now.


On Friday, I'm going to go visit this guy: https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/35990733

And on Saturday, I have an appointment to meet this guy: http://www.bordercolliesinneed.org/border_collie_rescue_and_adoptions/blackbart.html


Fingers crossed.

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Black Bart is mine. :) I'll be changing that name, though. And me keeping him is contingent on good vet check including xrays.


We've only been home for ~6hrs. So far, I'm utterly impressed. This boy is a blank slate - no one has worked with him at all, so he knows absolutely nothing. On the flip side, no one has messed up his training yet, either. From what I can tell, he has no baggage. I keep seeing little flashes of brilliance - there's clearly a lot going on upstairs. He has already figured out what the clicker means and mastered a default sit since we've been home. And I've barely heard a peep out of him. He hasn't pottied yet - it could be a long night waiting for him to go.

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