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Raw Amber Flea and Tick Collars

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Heck I paid 50 bucks for a seresto collar! It came with snap on reflectors and a very nice tin with a treat sample inside. I'll skip all that, just give me the collare and call it good! It is supposed to be good for 8 months so if that's true I'll foot the 50!

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I've been hearing that if you clip a fly repellent tag that is meant for cattle to a collar it will repel flies. That's my newest goal! but haven't tried this, makes me nervous, all these chemicals.

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Interesting thought....however....maybe, that IS the reason all those little insects end up as inclusions? ;)



I love Amber. My father used to tell us all kinds of stories and gave us amber jewellery. The more complete inclusions = the better. Or totally clean!



Ok, just saw the additional posts. I may have to try one.

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Bcnewe- eh, the way I see it if we were alive a couple hundred years ago we'd be eating lead-and-chalk sweets and loving it.


We probably have a lot less of that stuff now. Less natural stuff, but less poisonous stuff too.


Edit: I don't understand how the hydrostatic charge claim works. Yes, it will create static, but wouldn't that either discharge itself rapidly or annoy you every time you pet the dog? Plus surely it would only apply to the area just around the dog's neck?



Waste of good amber. I can tell you if one of the pair of us, me and my dog, is going to be wearing amber, it's not going to be the one with paws...

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