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Pro Novice Course Description?


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It very much depends on what part of the country you're in. East coast vs. west coast view P/N differently (what they call P/N in the west is what we would call open ranch in the east and vice versa, and of course there are variations across all the areas in between. None of the courses are USBCHA sanctioned, so really what a P/N course is will depend on the trial host and maybe the local sanctioning body (local handler's association).



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Would like to get some ideas on what a typical pro novice course looks like. Does it vary much at different trials? As I understand it, the outrun is generally 200 yds. Are there also always fetch panels, drive panels and cross drive panels?



As Julie says, it varies. Since PN is not sanctioned, trial hosts and course directors have plenty of leeway in what they set up.


200 yards is a nice PN outrun, though I've seen larger and also smaller. :) However, out West at least, fetch panels are very often omitted from the PN course. Personally, I'd rather do without the fetch panels for PN and instead just let the younger dogs manage their fetch from wherever they pick up the sheep. Judges are happy to accommodate this.


As for the rest, yup, the basic PN course is outrun, lift and fetch with the full drive/cross drive and a pen. Nursery is often run in conjunction with PN, if a trial wishes to include sanctioned Nursery runs. The course is pretty simple and basic! :)


Hope this helps,



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And here in the Mid-Atlantic area, the P/N course I just ran in was: outrun, lift, and fetch (sometimes through fetch panels, sometimes not, depending on the judge), drive through one set of panels (no crossdrive), and pen.


Here's how NEBCA (the North East Border Collie Association) defines things.

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