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My rescued "Neddy Boy"

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Hi! I was reading your tips about training, would you have a special tips for my special dog?


I got ?Ned? his name, from an abused environment;


The dog was hit by small kids, and most of the time he was in his cage, because they could never, get him back in it. He was yield at by his owner (a big man with a rough voice)


When I went to visit these people for some other reasons, they mentioned to me to not pay attention to that particular one because he was so weird, compared to the two others that they had, he was very shy, timid, but could bite she said.


After 10 or 15 minutes we were sitting down drinking a coffee and suddenly ?Ned? came and sat at my feet, I asked the lady, does he always do that, she reply what? I said ?Ned ?he is sitting on my feet his nose on my knee?.


She said No Way,


So I felt so bad for the poor thing,


When I left , I asked if they were going to decide to let him go to let me know, I did not need two dogs but I would sure considered.


So this is how I got him.


So they came up for business one day and brought the dog along, I stayed alone with the dog for a few hours while they were gone with my husband,


When they came back this dog was ready to eat them alive.


Ned has been a very faithful dog to me ever since, but ?


When I do have visitors ?KIDS? those little fast feet and high pitch voice he gets on the GARD working mode, and he nips them, Now even adults if they get to close to my door he bites.


I had him for 2 1/2 years now, I did improve him so much on his other talents, with the cows and playing, I love him so much but ?.He is now 4 y.o


People keep telling me to put him down because he is dangerous,There is no way I will do that.


Please help my dog and I



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I have no experience with anything like this but there is a list with Yahoo groups (I think) concerning dogs and aggression issues. Some posters to this board have mentioned it favorably.


Also, are you able to get the advice/consultation of a good dog behaviorist? They are not cheap but I have heard they are very worthwhile.


Ned sounds like he certainly has reason to be distressed by children and strange adults. I would hate to see him suffer because of the abuse he experienced at the hands of his former owners.


Bless you in providing him with a loving home and best of luck in dealing with his problems. I wish I could be more helpful but I don't have the knowledge to offer any meaningful advice.


I would suggest posting this question under the General topic with a more specific title like "abused rescue aggression issues" or something similar. Many people check the titles of topics before they check out the posts. You need to be specific to get folks to check your posts and make replies.

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