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Solo finished his very first title today with two qualifying runs and two fourth places. So, his name is now officially


Ashfall Solo River CGC, TN-N (NADAC Novice Tunnelers)


Those of you who do agility probably think that the TN-N is not that much of a title, but anyone who knows Solo knows that this is a pretty big deal for him. He's a dog who runs like a champ in practice but thinks judges at trials are bogeymen who are clearly out to get him. The most important thing is that Solo had two good runs today during which he was totally indistinguishable from all the other zillions of Border Collies at the trial rather than being the weird red dog who spooked at the judge.


Yay, Solo finally has some rosettes to hang up next to Fly's sheepdog trial ribbons!

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Woohooo! Way to go Solo! (Hope we mere mortals are still allowed to refer to him just as Solo. ) Seriously, Melanie - that is such a tribute to the work both you and Solo have put in to getting him to that point where he can perform in that situation (which must be pretty scary for him - each time he came out of a tunnel I can imagine he would feel he had to check where the bogeymen were.)


If Fergus knew about Tunnelers, it would be his vision of heaven - but sadly, there aren't enough tunnels in this state yet to run a tunnelers course. Oh well, one day - and by then we might have enough impulse control (Fergus) and handling practice (me) to get round a course!


Congrats again (hope Fly's nose is not too far out of joint.)

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This is SO cool. Good for you - both of you! Not many owners would've had what it takes to make such a huge difference for this dog, but you and he together are like the dream team - neither of you would be where you are without the other (since it seems like you have learned so much from each other, and together). Nice work!

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