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OK, I'll start the ball rolling.


First, yes agility will keep a Border Collie somewhat occupied. But ... while you can do some puppy preparatory exercises, you won't be staring serious agility training until the dog is at least 12 months old - preferably a bit older. In the meantime, you would need to spend LOTS of time doing some basic obedience, tricks, etc. to help build a solid relationship between you and the dog.


You hear that these dogs require full time exercise and stimulation. IMHO, that's not true - but they do require a very solid commitment of quality time one on one with you, engaged in some kind of mental and/or physical activity - preferably both,


So, people really need to examine their present and future likely lifestyles to see if they can make the sort of commitment that is desirable. If not, then much as I love Border Collies, I wouldn't advise getting one.

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