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Willow, June 7, 1997-May 13, 2014

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Julie, I'm so very, very sorry for your loss. Although I don't know you, and I never met Willow, it was clear from your posts on the Boards how much you cared for her. I know there are no words that will minimize the heartbreak, but I hope you'll have many fond memories to see you through this difficult time.


Renee's poem is perfect, and beautiful . . . .



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I'm so sorry. Knowing what's coming doesn't make it any easier. Your years with Willow helped make you who you are now, so in that sense, she'll never leave you. But there must be a very empty place in your home now. So sorry.

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I'm so sorry to hear about Willow...they come into our lives and change us forever. Your sister's poem says it all...

Willow...run free at the Bridge with all those heartdogs who have gone before you

Julie, may the good memories of Willow remain foremost in your mind and heart.......

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Thank you for all your kind words.


Here is a slate painting for my farm that my friend Kay did for me (at the request of another friend). She worked from a photo of Willow when she was much younger and still trialing.


Kay said to me that she had a hard time finishing the slate because she just had a feeling that once it was done Willow would not be with us much longer. I think it's a lovely portrait and it will serve as a reminder of the dog who started me on this journed.





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